“Some people thought only motion bred strength. Those people were wrong. The mountain was as powerful as the tide, just…in a different way.”

Rating: 4/5 stars

Every Heart A Doorway is a fantasy book that follows our protagonist Nancy. The premise is interesting. There are children who find doorways here and there, in the most unlikely places and find themselves in unimaginable worlds. They are then dragged into the ‘real’ world only to be sent to schools made especially for them. Eleanor West’s Home For Wayward Children is one such school and Eleanor West is one such person who is trying to make the life of these despaired kids bearable.

I loved the concept of the book and the way it was implemented. The writing is unhurried and whimsical. It is the right kind of weird for the book.  It left me thoughtful and mesmerized. The way the worlds to which each character has travelled is described is unique and atmospheric.

“Because the air had smelled so sweet, and the sky had been black velvet, spangled with points of diamond light that didn’t flicker at all, only burned constant and cold. Because the grass had been wet with dew, and the trees had been heavy with fruit.”

It is also peppered with wit and humour enough to not make it look overdone. Just there. Just right.

‘“Where did you find the whipped cream?” he asked.

“You had milk, I had science,” said Jack. “It’s amazing how much of a culinary achievement can be summarized by that sentence.”’

You can also find some insightful tidbits regarding human behaviour.

“She’d known girls on diets her entire life. Iron-rich blood had rarely, if ever, been their goal.”

The characters in this story are what made the story. It is a very diverse set of characters with different sexualities and ethnicities. We have an asexual protagonist, a transboy, a Japanese girl and a Latino boy. I think it is a good work on the author’s part to create a fantasy world and include people with various backgrounds. It wasn’t forced or tokenized or used as a plot device which was the best part. The author didn’t make them justify their reason for being a part of the story. They are there, in a fantasy world, doing things that white, straight and cis people have been doing for so long.

The only issue that I encountered with this book is that it is way too small. The intended ‘plot reveal’ wasn’t much of a plot reveal because the killer was obvious, staring right in your face. Had the book been longer we could’ve had a much more layered plot along with fleshed out characters. The ending is quite convenient. It is as if the author had no other option than this. This is the only reason I stole that one star.

I would definitely recommend that you read this book. If you don’t enjoy it, which is slightly impossible, it wouldn’t hurt much because it is so short. If you’re looking for a quick, whimsical and fantastic read, pick up this book.

“Time resumed. Time had a way of doing that.”



  1. I love this book! + I loved the sequels even more actually. I agree the book is definitely really short, but mostly I’m just amazed at how fleshed out the plot and characters are considering the length haha

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